Turned Upside Down

We got this evolution thing,

Were looking in a mirror,
And the image is twisted.

Kinda confusing,
When you trying to grasp,
Something that appears abstract.

It’s like a child,
Trying to comprehend Love.
Its mind just not capable,
Of looking at the world,
Through the mother’s eyes.

I’ve felt a dad’s heart,
Willing to give up life,
To protect his son.

Babies just can’t see in that direction,
Even if they could,
They just don’t have the capacity to act.

So Imagine,
With the aid of GOD,
Being turned upside down!

Instead of seeing a reflection,
Image switched visa versa,
You could see –
Straight into the truth.

I know it’s a novel idea,
That all along,
We’ve been Seeing Backwards.
Then all of a sudden,
Through Grace,
You got a glimpse,
Straight as a sharpshooter’s bullet flies.

I know:
Iv’e shot plenty of bullets,
Iv’e looked inside,
Deeper and deeper,
Seen plenty backward images,
And backward “truths” too.

So when GOD came,
And let me see so straight,
I felt my whole world,

I saw GOD as me….

Not evolving,
Just GOD doing ITS best:
To temper ITS metal,
To walk ITS talk,
To demonstrate the GODHOOD IT is –
Right here,
Right now!

You sense what I mean,
Were not evolving,
There is no growing into GODHOOD.

Were already in the HOOD,
Are the HOOD,
We couldn’t be any more a HOODLUM,
Than we already are.

Copyright © 2014 Mahesh Subrahmanyam – All Rights Reserved